Our Story

Where We Started

 It all started about 30 years ago when Stitch It Quick owner Karen James had an eye for design. She had dreams of being an architect. It turned more into a hobby though when she started her family and put her career on hold. For 20 years she worked in service and loved the interaction she had with her community. But something was missing. She missed utilizing her creative side. She pursued a job with a local printer. She quickly became the binder manager and took on many tasks including operating all the bindery equipment, printing press helper and operations.  One day the company owner asked her if she could run an embroidery machine. Karen's mother was a seamstress her whole life so Karen was not foreign to a needle and thread. She picked up the trade quickly and really enjoyed the versatility of what was possible with embroidery. Karen worked in a few different shops from there and started to learn even more about print application and materials. When she saw that she could design and implement that directly to apparel to make something unique, she was hooked.  Her designing days weren't behind her anymore. Karen decided to open Stitch It Quick in 2015 and has expanded her services and abilities into something much more. 

Where We're Headed

Now with a few years under her belt of being a business owner, Karen is taking the business a step further. Ok, maybe a few steps further. She has now started Powered Prints. Powered Prints is designed to push the envelope even further with her designing abilities. Powered Prints will now feature all aspects of printing services. Apparel, Design, and Promotions.

Apparel is a good way to get your business name out into the world. You're like a walking billboard. Sometimes just personalizing your look can make the difference of how others see you.

Having the right design though is everything. That's where Karen really shines. Her eye and creative mind can really help your logo stand out from others. First impressions are important, and having a well put together design that is clear about what you represent is key. Promotions for your business are also a great tool to have for expanding your brand. Whether its something as simple as a business card or a pen, to something that makes a bigger statement like window lettering and banners. Every type of promotional item can make a big impact in the right hands. We are ready to make Powered Prints your go to source for all your apparel, design and promotion needs.